Music Festival 2024: Invitation to a trip to the Irish Cultural Centre

As every June 21st, the Irish Cultural Centre is celebrating the Fête de la Musique in style! This year, the venue is bringing together artists from the young Irish music scene. Click here for the 2024 programme!

New and 42nd edition of the Music FestivalEvery year, this popular, festive and convivial event offers the opportunity to spend the whole day and evening of June 21st to attend numerous free concerts and DJ sets.

On June 21st, all styles are represented: from rock and rap to blues and jazz, metal and electronic music, French variety and classical music. The places where these free musical moments take place are also numerous: from the street to museums and institutions, concert halls, bars and churches… the choice is vast and one is often lost in the face of the many musical offers. We have decided to help you find a Insider tip for the 42. Music Festival at the Friday, 21 June 2024 to help!

If you like to discover new musical talent and travel, then you should Irish Cultural Centre As every 21 June, the establishment awaits young and old in its courtyard to offer them a unique, exotic and warm Music Festival to offer.

Opened in 2002, Irish Cultural Centre (Irish Cultural CentreICC) is located in the Irish College, the former home of a large Irish community of priests, seminarians and lay students whose origins date back to 1578.

Located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, the CCI houses a media library where the most curious can find a selection of books on the history of the place. All year round, the Irish Cultural Centre also offers numerous events: meetings, exhibitions, performances and therefore also concerts.

visual Irish cultural centrevisual Irish cultural centrevisual Irish cultural centrevisual Irish cultural centre Irish Cultural Centre: the institution that makes Irish culture shine in Paris
Exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, debates… All year round, the Irish Cultural Centre opens its doors to everyone to immerse themselves in the culture of the Emerald Isle. A spotlight on this cultural institution, housed since 2002 in the building of the Collège des Irlandais in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris. [Mehr lesen]

At the 21 June 2024from 6 to 10 p.m., the CCI invites you to the new Music Festival Lemon Cello, Bog Bodies and StrangeBoy into his courtyard, three artists and groups that reflect the full wealth of the young Irish music scene and put traditional music and folk music in the foreground. As always: Admission is freeThere is also a takeaway run by The Green Goose pub.

visual Irish cultural centrevisual Irish cultural centrevisual Irish cultural centrevisual Irish cultural centre

Music Festival 2024 at the Irish Cultural Centre: the programme

Lemon Cello
Behind Lemoncello are Laura Quirke and Claire Kinsella. The two singers and musicians give their melodies a delicious touch of tradition, pop, jazz, classical music and even French chanson. This Fête de la Musique at the Irish Cultural Centre is a good opportunity to discover their new compositions.

Bog Bodies
Tipperary band Bog Bodies, led by Dan Maher, released their first album “Reclaim the Ritual” in 2022. What is their style? Using multiple instruments (guitar, banjo, bodhrán, flute, harmonium…), their pieces recall the mythology and land of their ancestors while incorporating contemporary issues.

Strange Boy, who comes from Limerick, combines traditional music with hip hop. In 2021 he released his first album “Holy / Unholy”. And success was not long in coming. Two years later, Strange Boy was even awarded the renowned Liam O’Flynn Award For his first concert in France, Strange Boy will be accompanied by no less than seven excellent traditional musicians. He will offer a completely new performance that will mark the late evening of this music festival at the CCI!

  • Grand Irish Evening with Lemoncello, Bog Bodies and Strange Boy
    Friday, June 21, 2024 – 18:00 ⤏ 22:00

    Every year, the Irish Cultural Centre’s Music Festival brings together thousands of people in a warm and festive atmosphere. Once not in vain, the CCI will host three groups in 2024, now translating the great wealth of the young Irish musical scene. As has been said, this edition puts a particular emphasis on traditional and folk music: Lemoncello, Bog Bodies and Strange Boy blow a whiff of fresh air, adding contemporary sonorous sounds to their Irish songs. Oscillating between strength, hearing and sensitivity, these offer us a surprise new evening… A rendezvous without forgetting!

    ### Lemon Cello (indie folk)

    Laura Quirke and Claire Kinsella form Lemoncello, set in the alternate folk landscape of Switzerland for a few years now. The duo played in their first role and collaborated with renowned artists including Glen Hansard, Lisa O’Neill, Cormac Begley and Joshua Burnside. The two singers and musicians, Laura and Claire, sing their melodies with delicate touches of traditional, pop, jazz, classical music and even French song. After several singles and EPs were released in press, they were recently signed to the label Claddagh Records, where they will soon release a very promising first album. To start this soft music festival, this duo of the most talented people will hear their new compositions in beautiful vocal harmonies, wrapped in the wonderful strings of their guitar and cello.

    ### Bog Bodies (trad rock)

    The ascension of Bog Bodies onto the musical scene is marked by closed-circuit concerts throughout Ireland; His performances are renowned for their raw energy, beautifully described as “transcendent”. Originally from Tipperary, the group led by Dan Maher will be releasing a first recording, “Reclaim the Ritual”, in 2022. Blending between other instruments guitar, banjo, bodhrán, flute, harmonium…, their melodies evoke mythology and ancestral lands, and infusing contemporary problems. The formation’s distinctive style opens a new path, between traditional music, alternative folk and Celtic rock, with a range of world influences. Live, the five musicians reveal their joyful, exuberant, tribal spirit, which takes us back to ancient times…


    ### StrangeBoy (traditional hip-hop)

    Imagine the incredible fusion between traditional music and hip-hop… and get Strange Boy! His refrains are the sound of modern Irish creativity: sensitive and perceptive texts and a unique flow that gives rise to one of the most important rappers of his generation. Described as an old poet who expresses himself through the body of a young man, combining creativity and sophistication with rap and Irish music. In 2021, his first album, “Holy / Unholy”, quickly caused a sensation and received a triumphant critical reception. Two years later, Strange Boy was the winner of the prestigious Liam O’Flynn Award. The Limerick artist has performed at many festivals in Ireland and abroad. Entourage for this first concert in France by fewer than seven retired traditional musicians, we offer an inedible and flamboyant performance that will bring this Music Festival to an end!


    With support from Culture Ireland

    Snack bar on site provided by The Green Goose pub and Appie drinks

    Free entry (in the court) – In case of doubt, consult our website or our social networks.

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