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Theme parties are trendy. Whether for weddings and hen parties, New Year’s Eve, Halloween or just for the joy of celebrating, a fixed theme gives your party a special touch. We present creative theme ideas and show you how your next theme party is guaranteed to be a success.

What makes theme parties so special

We see themed parties everywhere these days. Many couples decide to have a particular theme for their wedding, for Halloween and New Year’s Eve the party theme almost writes itself and many a lavish party for a birthday or any other celebratory occasion promises with the invitation that you will be transported to a particular themed world. What began as a triumph at children’s birthdays has now become a party hit among adults too. But have you ever wondered what makes themed parties so appealing?

A theme runs like a thread through your party and can therefore create a harmonious atmosphere. For you as the hostess, a theme party offers many helpful points of reference and supports you in planning and implementation. The style of the invitation cards, the decorations, suitable snacks, the playlist for the musical entertainment, the choice of clothing – all of this almost happens automatically at a theme party. On many websites you will find not only fun and exciting theme ideas, but also creative suggestions for designing your theme party. This will answer many questions that you may be asking yourself as the hostess and you can work along your own personal thread.

A theme party can also have a special appeal for your guests. They get a feeling in advance of what to expect at your lavish party and can prepare well for it. Depending on the theme you have chosen, the anticipation of a very special event will grow. The question of the appropriate dress code is superfluous. With a theme party, you at least get a rough style direction that your guests can fill in with lots of creative ideas. To support your guests in their planning, you can give them a few tips on researching the party theme with the stylish invitation so that they can really immerse themselves in the theme beforehand.

Are you now really keen to host a theme party for your besties? Then we have collected some exciting and stylish ideas for you here.

Murder mystery dinner party

An absolute classic among theme parties is the murder mystery dinner. The exciting stories about murder, intrigue and clever investigators are the ideal setting for a delicious dinner, and not just for die-hard crime fans. Thanks to a wide selection of numerous providers, it is very easy to host a crime mystery dinner in style at home.

The story forms the basis. Here you can choose from many exciting stories, which also provide the framework for the further design of the party. Depending on the time period and the setting of the crime story, you will get many creative ideas for the decoration, the dress code, the appropriate background music and the design of the dinner, which is offered in several courses and embedded in the framework of the crime story.

A special feature of the murder mystery dinner party is that your guests take on a role in the story for the evening. They take on a part in the plot and can showcase their acting talent. Each role has information that can help to get to the bottom of the mystery and solve the case. It is up to you whether you surprise your guests with their role or want them to be involved in the casting. It is important that you include all the necessary information about the role and its importance for the plot in the invitation to the murder mystery dinner party. You may also want to give a few tips on an atmospheric costume. Of course, it can also be exciting if you leave these details to your guests and let yourself be surprised by the illustrious company that will gather at your dinner table.

Casino Royale

The casino is a popular and glamorous theme for a theme party. With the right decoration, exciting games of chance, finger food and lounge music, a touch of Las Vegas will soon be wafting through your party location. To create the right atmosphere, you can be inspired by the classic casino films and of course the great James Bond in Casino Royale. Let your guests know on the invitation card, which can be stylishly designed on the back of a playing card, how much glamour they can look forward to and what dress code is appropriate for this special occasion.

Of course, it wouldn’t work without a few exciting games of chance. The classics for a casino party are poker, blackjack and roulette. Fully equipped gaming tables can be rented from professional providers and, depending on your taste, you can also add one or two slot machines to your private casino. Perhaps you could ask a few of your guests to take on the role of croupier for the evening. This can be a lot of fun and creates a real casino feeling. So that everyone at the party has fun and can try their luck at the gaming tables, you can recommend that your guests familiarize themselves with the rules of the individual games in advance and maybe even pick up a few tricks from experienced players. There are many explanations and videos on classic casino games online that make you want to try them out for yourself. Online casinos are a good place to start. Here, visitors can play through the various casino offers from the comfort of their own home and find out which variant they have a particularly lucky hand with.

Finger food and nibbles are particularly suitable as snacks at a casino party. You can also serve sparkling wine or champagne and delight your guests with some creative cocktails.

The decoration can be glamorous and elegant in gold and black, or take up the playing card motif with the colors red, black and white. Be creative and let your imagination run wild.


Oktoberfest is considered the biggest party of the year. Here, people celebrate in style for days on end. If you like the atmosphere at the Wiesn, you should let it inspire your next theme party. The dress code is of course not an issue when it comes to Oktoberfest. Your guests will definitely look good in dirndls and lederhosen. But a checked shirt and suspenders can also look good.

When pop stars like Andreas Gaballier, Helene Fischer, DJ Ötzi and the best après ski hits blare from the loudspeakers, the mood is guaranteed. The decorations are also quick to put together and not expensive at all. Beer tent sets or high tables with checkered tablecloths, pennants, balloons and garlands in blue and white, napkins and other table decorations in the classic Oktoberfest design and rustic beer mugs bring the Wiesn to your home.

A hearty meal is quickly conjured up. Beer and lemonade quench your guests’ thirst in style. Of course, you can also serve pretzels, white sausages or Vienna sausages, perhaps a hearty stew and sweet gingerbread hearts for dessert, which the guests can also take home as souvenirs. Who would want to make a pilgrimage to Munich when they can have so much Oktoberfest atmosphere at home?

Venetian masked ball

This glamorous and multifaceted party motto has its origins in the Venice Carnival and the famous Venetian masks that have been made there since the 12th century and worn at the carnival. The extravagant and artistic masks, which mainly cover the eye area, are the centerpiece of the costumes that make this party something very special. The ladies can dress in elegant and magnificent robes. Puffy skirts, lush fluttering sleeves and a fan dress the Venetian lady. The men are well dressed in jackets and capes and of course by no means forgo their artistic masks.

The decoration should reflect the flair of historic Venice. Dark, heavy colors, punctuated by gold and silver elements, glitter and bright splashes of color. Feathers, fans and curtains are indispensable decorative elements. The tables are decorated with runners with gold braid and candles in elegant candle holders. The mask motif can be used again and again here, as well as on the invitation, which is often complemented by a small feather.

Traditionally, heavy wines and a lavish selection of small delicacies provide culinary delights. Small tarts and pies, pralines and fruits decorate the elegantly laid table. Classical music floats through the room as gentle background music – this is pure Venice. Take your guests away for an evening to this world of splendor, decadence and mystery.

70s or 80s party

What would an overview of the most popular theme parties be without the 70s and 80s as a cult theme? Nostalgic enthusiasm is inevitable when the cult hits of the 70s or 80s echo from the loudspeakers. The guests dance to the Bee Gees, Abba, Boney M or the stars of the New German Wave, Michael Jackson, Wham and Madonna.

At 70s and 80s cult parties, the dress code is usually the highlight for your guests. Perhaps there are old treasures hidden in the closet or basement that bring back the charm of the past. Flared trousers, ruffled shirts, jogging suits and flip-flops, flashy neon colors, platform shoes and cult hairstyles that today mostly trigger bursts of laughter, all of this brings back the feeling of these special decades.

The right snacks for a 70s or 80s party are ideal for a bring-along buffet. Asparagus rolls are next to cheese cubes, Mettigel next to potato salad and meatballs next to Vienna sausages. Soft drinks, beer and mixed drinks quench your thirst and create a sparkling atmosphere. Celebrate this great time together, which may also be associated with many wonderful memories for you.

Horror party

This party motto is a highlight, especially for fans of horror films and scary series. You can of course draw on the large Halloween bag of tricks for the design. Spider webs, pumpkins, ghosts, scary effects – anything that gives your guests goosebumps is allowed. It will be particularly atmospheric when it is dark outside and you can provide dim lighting inside.

Your guests can of course also be creative with their costumes. Vampire, witch, zombie, werewolf, anything is allowed as long as it looks scary. It’s up to you whether you want to dedicate your party to a particular horror film, series or classic book, or whether all facets of this fantastic genre can be present at the party. Your guests will be happy to receive tips in the stylish invitation that will help them dress up appropriately.

Of course, the right finger food is a must. Here you can browse through snack ideas for a successful Halloween party to your heart’s content. The horror party theme is of course not only suitable for the spookiest night of the year, but can also give real horror fans a pleasant shiver at any time.

Movie motto

Horror films aren’t the only thing that’s suitable for a theme party. Almost any classic, blockbuster or cult film can provide the backdrop for a lavish party. Invite your friends to a Star Wars event or to the Wild West, celebrate film noir or the mafia classics around The Godfather. Films always offer plenty of material for a successful party. A special style of clothing, suitable buffet ideas, film music and atmospheric decorations all bring the big screen experiences to life and provide your event with the right atmosphere right from the start.

Do you have a favorite film in your circle of friends that you like to share via a watch party? Then it’s high time to celebrate the film in real life. Become your favorite stars and light up the backdrop at the film theme party.

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